Registration & Accommodation

PANS2019 is a satellite meeting of ENDO 2019 (Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting & Expo) and registration for PANS2019 will be handled by the Endocrine Society.

As you go through the registration process on the ENDO 2019 website you will have the option to register for PANS2019.

While we encourage all of our members to consider the advantages of attending both PANS2019 and ENDO2019, delegates can choose to register for only the PANS2019 meeting if desired or if finances do not permit attending both meetings. We want to see as many members at PANS2019 as possible, and have provided a means for all options depending upon your situation. The ENDO abstract/registration site will allow attending one or both meetings during the online process.

If you are a member of the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society or the Endocrine Society, the cost of registration to attend PANS2019 is $329.

For Non-Members the cost is $499 (this is $170 more that what a member pays) and for Trainees it is $99.

If you are not already a member, save on the registration cost by becoming a member of the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society. Regular annual membership for the US & Canada is $90 and for Latin/South America it is $75.

To become a member of the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society, click on the following link.

After you have registered for membership at the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society return to this page and click on the link below and this will take you to the ENDO 2019 Registration site. You will now be eligible for the Member rate.

Thanks for registering to attend PANS2019. We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!


Accommodation for PANS2019 will be handled by the Endocrine Society. The PANS2019 meeting venue is the Marriott New Orleans Downtown at the Convention Center; rooms have also been secured at Hyatt Place and Hilton Garden Inn, all at the reduced ENDO 2019 rates. To receive the reduced ENDO 2019 rates, you must book through the ENDO 2019 Housing Reservations website only. A link to this site is provided below. Note: Accommodation can only be booked after you have registered to attend PANS2019 (for details, see above). After you have registered, you will be assigned a “badge number”. You will then use your badge and email information to make an online reservation. When you are ready to make your online reservation, click on the following link, this takes you to the ENDO 2019 Housing Reservations website:

While you can register to stay at one of the above hotels, there are many more options in New Orleans that will fit your budget and other preferences. If you decide to stay at a hotel that is not on the list of ENDO 2019 preferred hotels we urge you read customers’ reviews for that hotel before you book your accommodation. Reviews can be found at TripAdvisor and Yelp among other reliable review sites. Book early, save money and stay safe.