The Pan American Neuroendocrine Society (PANS) was established in 2016 to bring together basic and clinician scientists interested in hormones and the brain.

Our inaugural PANS annual meeting will be held as a satellite meeting of ENDO 2019 in New Orleans.

PANS2019 will take place March 21-22, 2019, immediately before ENDO 2019, March 23-26. We encourage all neuroendocrinologists attending PANS2019 to include ENDO 2019 in their travel and conference plans. The Endocrine Society has organized an exciting ‘meeting within a meeting’ schedule for neuroendocrinologists. Register for both PANS2019 and ENDO 2019 at

Symposia at PANS2019 will focus on four integrated topics that cross traditional neuroendocrine boundaries including: epigenetic regulation of endocrine signaling; functional investigation of neuroendocrine circuits; circadian and metabolic control of neuroendocrine function; and neuroinflammation and neural injury in neuroendocrine states.

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Margaret M. McCarthy, world-renowned behavioral neuroendocrinologist. Without a doubt, this will be the event of the year for neuroendocrinologists, and we invite all to attend. Hope to see you in New Orleans in March 2019!

On Behalf of the PANS Executive Council

Denise D. Belsham (President, PANS)

Andy V. Babwah (Chair LOC PANS2019, New Orleans)

Deborah M. Kurrasch (Chair POC PANS2019, New Orleans)