PANS2019 is a satellite meeting of ENDO 2019 (Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting & Expo) and abstract submission to PANS2019 will be handled by the Endocrine Society. The ENDO 2019 abstract submission fee allows you to submit an abstract to both ENDO 2019 and PANS2019. Abstract fees are non-refundable.

While we encourage all of our members to consider the advantages of attending both PANS2019 and ENDO2019, delegates can choose to submit abstracts and register for only the PANS2019 meeting if desired or if finances do not permit attending both meetings. We want to see as many members at PANS2019 as possible, and have provided a means for all options depending upon your situation. The ENDO abstract/registration site will allow attending one or both meetings during the online process.

Please follow the ENDO 2019 instructions on submitting your abstract. As you begin the abstract submission process it will appear as though you are submitting the abstract to ENDO 2019 even if you plan to submit to PANS2019 only. However, as you go through the submission steps you will come to a page titled “SUBMISSION QUESTIONS”. For Question 4 (see screen captured image below), indicate that you want your abstract considered for the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society Meeting. If you have registered to attend both ENDO 2019 and PANS2019 your abstract will be submitted to both meetings. If you registered to attend PANS2019 only then your abstract will be submitted to PANS2019 only.


Late-Breaking Abstracts

January 16, 2019: abstracts open

February 13, 2019: abstracts close


To begin the abstract submission process, click on the link: